E-mail From Amanda

Can’t get into my email. Tried *********,*********, *********, ****. Noneworked. I knew what yours most likely was, so I’m using that…

Anyways..Mama just left so I’m all alone now. We went out to the beach for a bit today. It was a bit chilly. Sure you’re not having that problem there. We didn’t walk long. I guess Bruce’s foot was bothering him b/c he kept lagging behind. Mama bought me that bathing suit from Target. Not the green one…didn’t look so good, but the blue and purple one. She bought all three pieces so I can go pregger-bikini or pregger-tankini depending on my mood. (Oh and tell Michael we replaced his litter. The kind he had doesn’t clump at all. Made his whole apt. smell like kitty poo. So today Mama bought him the same kind we use and dumped the other out. Hopefully things will smell a lot fresher in there tomorrow.)

So, I’m pretty sure Bruce misses you. He made me tear up a little bit this morning. He went thru his usual morning routine. Went outside to go peepee and ate. Then he followed me upstairs and he went over to the bed for me to put him in it. (He didn’t sleep with me the last couple of nights since Mama was here.) So, I put him in bed and he crawled under the covers next to the lump made up of pillows on your side of the bed. He didn’t even lay down. He crawled right back out and looked to your side and then looked at me. It was like he was asking, “Where’s Daddy?”. I had
a tender heart to heart with him about how you’d be gone all week and then went to shower all teary-eyed.

Crap! Mama went with me to buy dogfood and I forgot about it in the trunk. Guess I’ll have to go get Dave to drag it in the house for me. Grrr! And I just dropped a gold fish down my shirt! (Made you smile huh? Knew you’d like that little tidbit.)

Back on track… church was good. Brian talked today. Guess Mike was out of town. He did a good job though.

I talk to Nick for a few minutes after the service. He said that they may call me about dinner later since I’m all alone. That will be nice. To get out of the house instead of sitting here watching TV all by my lonesome.

Oh TV- that reminds me- Duke/Carolina game. Crap…please don’t hate me. It’s recording now. Duke up by 1 about 6:30 left in the first half. 31-30. Henderson just dunked! Carolina missed there shot. Henderson was fouled. Made both free throws (33-30). Oh no…PICK-POCKET PAULUS WITH A STEAL!- but they didn’t make the shot.

Ohhh…Danny Green called for a travel! OK…that’s enough commentary for now…last update Duke up 3 with under 4:00 to go in the first half (35-32).

OK I just lied…Singler has 15 pts so far!- Ellington was fouled and missed BOTH free throws!…and another turnover by Green! Duke missed. Now 35-34. Nope…make that 37-36 (1:35 to go)

So anyway, Harvey freaked me out pretty bad last night. He was barking- angrily. I was scared to (another shot by Schier!) look out the window by the porch so I went into the guest room and looked out that window. Ladybug was out there. Hopefully that was what he was barking out. Hope he doesn’t do that anymore this week.

Dag on it Thomas..fouled Lawson with 7.2 left in half. But…Lawson missed! Duke up at the half 39-38. Maybe I’ll email you back later with the final score. For now I’ll just say that I love you and I miss you like crazy! Milly’s been moving around a lot today. Think maybe she’s feeling around, trying to find her Daddy. I hope you had a fun first day surfing.
Be careful and have fun!

We all love and miss you!

Amanda, Milly, Bruce, Harvey,Cogg & Gotham (I better go feed him…)