We went out for another surf session a little after breakfast.  It was a lot less populated out in the water so it was nice not having to worry about people running into you or giving up so many waves because someone else had caught it first.  Had a good time.

Chilled out for a while.  Took some more pictures, organized some I’ve already taken.  Will be a while before I have them all sorted out like I want because a lot of them are panoramics or stitched together.

Ate lunch at Marlin Bill’s, a place with a bit of an American selection with a nice view of the ocean.  The waitress didn’t look like she was from Costa Rica and didn’t sound at all American, so I asked where she was from.  She told me to guess and I correctly guessed Germany.  After lunch we went to a bakery.  Michael, Hannah and I got some of the best brownies I think I’ve ever eaten.

Went back to La Casa Romantica after that and lazed about.  After a while Michael and Barry went to check out the surf.  Hannah and I eventually went to look for them and found them on the beach.  It was a bit windy for surf, but Warren and a guy who came in today, James I think was his name, were going out anyway.

Warren and Torri had gone fishing this morning and Torri had done well with her surfing lessons.  She, along with our group, walked to the north end of the beach where there was this formation of rocks.  We looked around on it, took pictures and the like.  The sun was setting and there were ominous clouds in the sky so we walked on back.

It never did rain, which was good.  Michael, Barry, Hannah and I took some pictures by the beach access for our hotel and for one of them, where Michael and I were sitting in this little lean-to put together for shade, I took my glasses off and put them on my hat.  Hannah joined us so Barry could take pictures of us, then we all went back up.  Some of us took showers in preparation for going to dinner.  That’s when I realized I couldn’t find my glasses.

I wasn’t excited about the prospect of having to buy new glasses and figured if I waited until tomorrow they might get covered up or washed out with the tide,  so I got a flashlight and Michael joined me in looking for them.  I found them pretty quickly in the lean-to, which was a great relief.  Then we joined Warren, Torri, James and his wife, Christie, at Marlin Bill’s again.

The restaurant prepared some of the fish that Warren and Tori had caught.  I tried some and have to admit that the fresh tuna wasn’t bad.  No fishy aftertaste, which is usually my problem with seafood.  I also had a salad with some kind of thick garlic sauce that was really good.

We had a good time talking with everyone.  Jaime and his wife are expecting a kid six weeks after us and are also having a girl.  There were two cats walking around the place.  Hannah was in love with one and wanted to take it home.

Zach Dotsey