Well, it’s 9:15. Guessing ya’ll are out on the town tonight. Hope you’re having fun whatever you’re doing.

The dogs survived day one home alone. Amy came over and let them out today. She said Bruce had peed twice. Once in the living room and once in the kitchen. Poor thing. I guess he was about to bust. After Amy let them out she showered here. She said she went to take her shower and their hot water was out. I told her she could shower over here tomorrow too if they didn’t get theirs fixed, but guess what…there was a notice on the door stating that our water would be turned off from 9-3 tomorrow. They’re working on the sewer stuff on the other side of our entrance now. Tomorrow I have to run the water for 10-15 minutes to get the icky stuff out. Then they are suggesting we boil the water until the notify us that it’s not contaminated (usually takes 24 hours). Oh boy! They say it’s very unlikely something will be wrong with the water- just a precaution when they work on the pipes, but I guess I’ll brush my teeth with bottled water tomorrow night and Wed just in case. Supposed to be careful with icky water, so the book says. Grrr!

Didn’t go feed the kitties today. I had a slight headache this afternoon so I just felt like coming home. I guess I’ll just go in my lunch break tomorrow. Michael owes me one! Maybe I’ll ask for the payback in July if we have a hard time finding someone to keep the doggies.

Oh, I watched How I Met Your Mother. I didn’t delete it though…baaa baba ba baaa ba ba ba ba baba ba baba baba baba babaaa!!!

I looked at your pix on facebook. Glad to see you catching some waves. Hopefully today went even better for you.

Well, I’m gonna go ahead and get ready for bed. I’ll check back to see if you’re online after I have brushed my teeth and washed my face and picked out tomorrow’s clothes.

In case you don’t get on by then…I love you and miss you. Try to get on tomorrow if you can. Goodnight!


3 nights down…5 more to go…