We took it easy for most of the rest of the day then had an afternoon surf session.  The water was mushy for a while and it took us some time to get any waves with enough push to get us going, but once they improved we had some fun.  After a little bit Michael and I got stuck on the inside.  There were mushy waves rolling in one after another and it was hard to get all the way back out, so we just surfed the inside for a bit before heading in.  By the time we got out the sun was low on the horizon, so I waited for it to set all the way then headed back up to La Casa Romantica and took a dip in the pool.  Michael took a shower but Hannah and Barry joined me.

Barry took a shower next then Hannah after him.  I decided to take one in the outdoor shower, which, I must say, was a pretty liberating feeling.  I mean, I wasn’t exposed or anything, but it was pretty cool to take a shower outside under the night sky.

After showering I saw that Amanda was on Facebook so we chatted for a little bit before heading out to dinner and music at The Guilded Iguana.  The band played a good mix of covers (Roy Orbison, Jack Johnson, Sublime, Santana and more), and there were some fun songs, but I was a little disappointed in that I was expecting to hear some Costa Rican music.

There was a decent group of us, all from Wilmington.  It was me, Barry, Michael, Hannah, Warren, Torri, Jim (who I don’t think I’ve mentioned yet), James and Christie.  The people we had helped out of the water were there also, so we talked to them for a bit and took a picture.  The one we teased Michael about, Ellie, turns out to have a boyfriend who goes to Chapel Hill.  Too many, and I mean way too many, Tar Heels here.  They ended up buying a round of everything we were all already drinking, which was a nice gesture.  I wasn’t drinking a beer at that point, but someone, Warren I think, passed me an Imperial.

We were the last group to arrive there (at about 7:30) and it took about an hour and a half to get our food, literally.  That sucked, but the conversation was good.  I was sitting next to Christie and talked to her and James about Watchmen, Lost, South Park and babies.  She’s the same age as Amanda and had also hoped to start off with twins, just like us.

Back at the hotel Hannah and Michael picked on each other a bunch.  Hannah freaked out, acting like there was something on Michael’s back, which in turn freaked him out.  It was pretty funny.

Zach Dotsey