We meant to get up really early today but when Barry set his alarm he forgot to adjust it for the time difference.  Once we did get up and out for our morning surf session the wind had come up a little bit and the waves had flattened out some, but I caught some good waves and had a good time.  I think Michael got a little frustrated.

Michael and I had come out a few minutes after Hannah and Barry and ended up on the other side of the beach from them.  They were to the left of the access, we were to the right.  It was a little crowded where we were and I passed up a number of waves.  I also had one guy cut so close I was afraid he was going to chop my legs off with his board.

Michael and I came in and ate breakfast with Torri and Jim and Barry and Hannah came in just a few minutes later.

We all chilled for a bit after that.  The plan to to have another surf session then grab lunch and do the zip lines.  I wouldn’t be too worried about the zip lines, but I’ve heard of them snapping and people falling to their deaths or people coming in too fast and breaking their legs.  Good stuff.

Zach Dotsey