Amanda told me yesterday that she thinks Harvey is depressed.  He hasn’t been eating all of his food and he’s thrown up.  The  night before, she said, he’s stayed downstairs during the night and whined.

Last night before going to bed I was checking the scores of college basketball games and saw that UConn and Syracuse were in double overtime.  Once I saw they were going to triple overtime I decided to pull up the game on  It ended up going into SIX overtimes!  Syracuse never had a lead in OT until that one and they ended up winning by ten points (yay!).  This was the longest game in Big East history at nearly four hours and each team had most of their starters foul out.  That probably ended up helping though, because the guys they put in were fresher.  Cuse actually had a walk-on playing for the first time all season.  It was quite a game.

We got out to the beach at about 6:30.  Michael and I surfed the inside and caught a lot of waves, but there wasn’t a lot of power behind many of them.  Torri was out there eventually too, surfing on her own for the first time.  Hannah, Barry and Warren were on the outside getting worked.

I ran into Michael one time.  I caught a nice sized wave and was going left, but there was a lot of spray and it took me a minute to be able to see.  When I was able to see I saw that I was heading towards my brother-in-law, but that I should have been able to pass in front of him.  Unfortunately he started paddling, so I made a “Wooo!” noise.  He told me later he thought I was just making a noise, not warning him, so he went and stood up.  I tried to steer away from him, but I couldn’t do it in time and I ran directly into him.  Fortunately neither of us was hurt.

We surfed for about an hour and a half then came in for breakfast and went back out for another session a little while later.  Michael and I again surfed the inside.  It was pretty much the same as earlier, except that I caught one of the best waves I’d caught all week.  I was riding down the line when another person started paddling and stood up, but they were catching white water and it pushed them straight.  I had to bail or run into them like I had Michael earlier today, and since the person was Michael, I didn’t want to do that.

We came in after a bit then headed out to take pictures at the rocks again (see images below).  Barry and Hannah were heading back at the same time that Michael and I were heading out.  We stayed at the rocks for quite a while, taking pictures and just taking it in.  On the way there we found a bunch of sand dollars, but many of them broke in our pockets.  I still have two big ones though.  And while we were at the rocks we saw some small bright blue fish in the tidal pools.

After we got back we went to lunch with Hannah and Barry then grabbed some ice cream and milkshakes.  Now it’s siesta time.

We were going to check in on some basketball game scores, and possibly watch some of the Carolina-Virginia Tech game, but the internet is down here today.  I hope it’s back by tonight for the Duke game.

Hannah is having a skin reaction to something- the sunblock, she thinks.  And Barry thinks he might have a kidney stone coming on.  Yikes.

Zach Dotsey