Had an evening session that was pretty much just like the second morning session, only the waves breaking on the outside were bigger and it was even harder to get past them.  That and just about the only thing you could catch on the inside was white water, so Michael, Torri and I caught that.

The three of us went back in after a little while and cleaned up then went back out to watch the sunset.  Everyone was out there- me, Michael, Hannah, Torri, Jim, James and Christie,  Barry and Warren came in from surfing just in time for the sunset.

Michael and I bought some souvenirs and Hannah bought some thing for a couple of her friends.  Of course I can’t say what we got because there’s no telling who might read this before we get home.

Our core group, me, Michael, Barry and Hannah, are about to eat some dinner here at La Casa Romantica.

James was able to watch the Carolina game.  They were losing to Virginia Tech the entire game then won it in the last minute.  I hate it when they do that.  I really hate it.  Ty Lawson was out though, and there’s no telling when he’ll be back with his injured toe.

Zach Dotsey