It was rainy today, which is apparently how it has been for a while here in North Carolina.  I miss some things about Costa Rica.  I miss the breakfasts of coconut, pineapple, banana, egg, bread and juice.  I don’t miss not being able to flush the toilet paper and I don’t miss the mattress I slept on.

I’ve been told by several people that Scott missed me at work last week.  My voicemail message said to call him, and the main toll free number for work was forwarded to his phone.  He said he ended up doing the thing I usually do during the day and the things he usually does at night.  Josh said that going on vacation for a week was probably the best career move I made and that I’ve probably got a lifetime of job security now.

Scott did do some pretty good things while I was gone.  He updated our client-side interface and it looks great, and he also made some big changes for one of our main e-commerce client sites.  It’ll be really fun to show off.

Work was fine.  I spent most of the day catching up on things.  While I was working I was capturing video from the trip to my computer and noticed when I went to change tapes that I didn’t have the camcorder plugged in and the battery warning was flashing.  I got up and sprinted (for no good reason really, other than often when I’m going to do some quick little thing I’ll sprint) from the office to the living room, where my bag with the camcorder charger is.  Unfortunately I didn’t make it all the way there.

You see, when we put down the hardwood floor, we stopped at the office, which isn’t a big deal, but we never put any kind of divider between the wood and the carpet.  So as I was sprinting, my left foot caught on the 3/4 inch or so of wood.  I heard a crack and spilled onto the floor.  In fact, I think my momentum carried me pretty much the whole way down the hallway.

I didn’t curse or anything, which I was proud of, but I was already pretty sure I’d broken at least one toe.  Holding my leg, I scooted on my butt to the bag by the stairs and got the charger then limped back to the office and plugged up the camcorder.  It was somewhere in that time that I noticed some blood.  The whole toenail on my second toe was surrounded with blood.  My first thought was, “Great, my toenail’s going to fall off.”  It hasn’t yet, I’ll go ahead and tell you.  There were two spots of blood in the living room that I cleaned up.

I limped to the bathroom to try to wash it off, but it just kept making the water red.  The blood just kept coming, which I thought was odd for a toe.  I gave up on that and limped to the kitchen to find a rag to put some ice in to put on my toes.  I say toes because my middle toe was hurting too.  After a while I noticed that there was more blood and the rag was almost done anyway, so I hobbled to the kitchen to clean it up and ended up wrapping a damp paper towel around my toe, which stayed there until Amanda came home and made me take a shower then gave me a band-aid.

While I was in the shower I got a call from Taylor Hutchens.  He’s pursuing a photography career and needs some help this and next weekend in shooting some little league pictures, so I’ll be helping him with that.  I appreciated that he thought of me.

Amanda took good care of me tonight.  She gave me a coldpack and I propped my foot up on the end of the loveseat and we watched TV as she made me some mac and cheese.  After Amanda went to bed I watched the Duke-Maryland ACC Tournament game then watched a new show, Kings, on On Demand.  My friend Jason Revill suggested that I’d like it and I happened to see it on, so I watched it and I did, indeed, like it.  Partly because Ian McShane kicks ass and partly because I like the idea of the show.

Zach Dotsey