Well, my toe(s) didn’t hurt as bad as yesterday, which is good.  I considered sleeping downstairs last night out of fear that Harvey might accidentally step on my foot and I didn’t like the idea of putting my feet under the covers.  I ended up doing it anyway, though I spent most of the night with both of my feet sticking out of the covers.  Would have just been my left leg/foot, but Amanda sleeps on the left side and I wanted my toes pointing up.

Anyhoo, I think I’m pretty much caught up with work already, which is good.  I’ve got a meeting set for tomorrow morning.

Since I still wasn’t feeling too active, plus the fact that we’ve still got a lot of stuff on the DVR, Amanda and I spent most of the night watching TV again.  The weather’s getting better though, so hopefully my foot will hurry up and heal nicely then we can go for evening walks.

We did take some preggers pictures of Amanda tonight.  Usually we do them every other Sunday, but we were kind of beat this past Sunday and didn’t feel like it, so we did a quick shoot tonight.  It was our first time using the white backdrop and I decided I need more lights.  I also experimented with camera settings, so the images aren’t as sharp as they should be, but Amanda didn’t much feel like redoing them.

Oh, and I finished up with Amy Warkentien’s pictures from a few weeks ago, finally.

I talked with my mom for a few minutes today.  She didn’t want to talk about Schotzi, but she did ask a lot about my trip and all.  She also mentioned that my cousin, David Cherryholmes, had lost his job.  He left a pretty decent job a few months ago for this new one and just lost it.  That sucks so bad.

I had a really interesting Facebook chat with DJ Tunberg.  He said it was the perfect kind of conversation for sitting around a fire and drinking a cold beer, and I couldn’t help but think he nailed it.  I think it’d be really cool to have him around these days.

I also talked a couple minutes with Ben Lambeth.  He and Jessica finally had a chance to tell Jessica’s parents that they’re pregnant, plus he posted something on Facebook, so now I’m free to tell the world.  Congrats, Lambeths!

Finally I talked to my sister, Andra Sawyer, tonight.  Addison, the baby, was making a lot of noise just to hear herself it seemed, and Jackson was running around naked and kept laughing into the phone and telling me that everyone was naked.  When we said goodbye he called me Naked Zach.

That’s a lot of phone calls and conversations!  It’s good to keep in touch with people.  I also had a decent chat with my brother, Adam Dotsey, today.  We usually chat a little bit during the day, but this was the first time I had a chance to really talk to him at all since I got back from Costa Rica.  I should give Erin, my other sister, and my dad a call tomorrow just so I can have talked to the whole immediate family.

Zach Dotsey