I’d put my toe at 85-90% today.

Work seemed busier than it was.  Had a meeting in the late morning.  Been working on this lead for a while and it just took a bit of a live demo to seal it.  After that, which took quite a bit longer than expected because the client got pretty busy, I went to have lunch with Amanda at the Mellow Mushroom, a pizza joint I’ve heard a lot about but had never actually been to.  Amanda was there with Cyra Sherburn and Billy Supplee.  Billy, Amanda and I split a BBQ pizza.  It was good, but pricey.

I returned home after lunch and worked while watching NCAA Tournament games.  Amanda was let off work a little early and had talked to Nick and Amy Warkentien about getting together.  They wanted to do a little shopping at Sam’s Club so after watching the end of a few close basketball games we met them out there.  After the shopping Amanda and I grabbed smoothies from Smoothie King then picked up a couple movies from Best Buy.  We got Cloverfield and Sweeney Todd, both of which we’d talked about getting before but we’d been waiting on getting a Blu Ray player.  Amanda’s wanted Sweeney Todd for a long time and we would have only gotten that, but Nick and Amy hadn’t seen Cloverfield yet so we went ahead and picked that up too so we could watch it with them later.

We stopped by PetSmart to pick up a new Nylabone for Harvey.  I think I forgot to mention this, but on Tuesday we found that his Nylabone was half missing.  We looked and looked for it before coming to the conclusion that he must have eaten it.  Since the first one lasted him about a year and a half we went ahead and got a new one, although once we gave him the new one he immediately started chipping away at it.  Amanda was convinced that the new one wasn’t made as well as the old one and wrote an e-mail to the company after taking the new Nylabone away from him.

We folded some clothes then Nick and Amy came over to watch the movie.  Amy’s due date is tomorrow, but I told her to hold off a day since we have a lot going on tomorrow between Amanda’s parents coming by and watching Duke play in the NCAA Tournament.  I got a bag of Twizzler knock-offs thrown at me for that.

Zach Dotsey