Went upstairs to bed just a few minutes after Amanda did since I had to get up at 6 this morning. Put the games on to go to sleep to but there were some really close ones including Ohio State-Sienna double OT and an upset of Florida State. Amanda did a good job of keeping a running commentary, but I kept getting interested and would turn around to watch the game.

Got up at 6 and left the house bundled up for cold weather around 6:30. Took the Jetta for the heated seats. I don’t think Amanda’s planning on going anywhere before I get back anyway.

Only been to Veterans Park once before, I think, and couldn’t remember how far down College it was. Got a little worried when I almost got to Carolina Beach, but I found it just fine.

I’m sitting in the parking lot now waiting for the others to show up for this photo shoot. We’re shooting soccer portraits for a local league.

Zach Dotsey