This morning’s soccer portrait shoot went pretty well I think.  It was set up by Taylor and Esther Hutchens, who have started a photography company.  Also helping out were Justin Hauenstein and Elliot Clark on cameras and Melissa Nicholson, a girl named Dallas and a friend of Taylor’s named Blake.  Basically, three stations were set up with a goal underneath a tent.  We would do individual pictures then team pictures.  Really, it all flowed pretty well.  The only concern I really had was with the lighting and exposure.  Even though we had the tents we were shooting towards the sun.

After I got home I took a nap on the couch while Amanda went to Target to get a body pillow.  She’s been needing a little extra support in her sleep and had been using one of my pillows (I tend to sleep with three).  After she came home (and I woke up) we watched some NCAA Tournament basketball and her parents, Karen and Phil Mercer, came over, mainly to explain to Michael this program they’d set him (and us) up in.  When they first got here though, Karen, Phil and Amanda went to Barnes & Noble.  Amanda picked up two Baby Wise books and Karen bought The Cat in the Hat.

Michael came over and we went over all the stuff then turned on the Carolina-LSU game while we ate BBQ dinner.  LSU hung with the Heels pretty well until the second half.  Ty Lawson played despite all the hooplah about his injured toe.  He played much better in the second half so most people think he was given something for it during the half.  That’s all well and good, but if he was given something just to get past the pain then he could easily reinjure  it (if it’s as bad as Roy Williams would have us believe).  Of course, if they’d have lost without Lawson, it wouldn’t matter too much how much he rested it (assuming the injury wouldn’t have hurt his pro chances).

After that was the Duke-Texas game.  Lars (Mike) Boscaljon came over for that and Karen and Phil took off a little bit into the game.  Seth Holloman had invited me over to his place to watch the game, and Amanda had been invited out to a ladies’ night by Lorin Van Zandt, but our company stayed a little late for either of us to head out.  Michael ended up staying for the whole Duke game, though he complained loudly when they won.  It was a tight game and I guess he really wanted to see them lose it.  I thought I hated Carolina more than he hates Duke because he generally doesn’t get worked up about a close Duke win, but I guess it’s different being in the NCAA Tournament.

What a game it was!  I don’t think I can even give justice to it in a quick recap so I’m not going to bother, but Jon Scheyer made one of the headiest plays ever by tossing an out of bounds save behind his back and well down the court.  Elliot Williams and one of the Texas players were right on it, but the Texas player pushed Williams out of the way and fouled out.  Williams missed his foul shots but Dave McClure tipped the ball out to Gerald Henderson who was then fouled and put the game away.  It was awesome.

So Duke is back in the Sweet 16 after a two year hiatus.  I think it’s such a big thing for this team, really gives them some confidence.  Everyone was so used to Duke getting to the Sweet 16 that people were really getting down on the program because they missed it the last two years.  Well you know what?  Duke’s in it, baby.

There was also a very close game between Gonzaga and Western Kentucky.  I was going for Gonzaga and they did pull it out.

Zach Dotsey