There wasn’t a whole lot going on today.  I did start editing the Costa Rica videos.  I’ve got about three hours-worth to edit down to something that will hopefully be at least a little bit entertaining to people.  The approach I’m going to take is to go through it a few times and narrow it down more and more each time.  The initial go will help get rid of the bulk of excess.  From there I can see how things fit together and trim accordingly.

I was working on that this evening when Amanda lured me into the living room under the pretense of clearing off the DVR some.  We watched a few shows, then she spent most of the rest of the night making a final decision on what crib to buy and talking to her parents.  While she was doing that I got a couple of my own shows cleared off.  We then watched How I Met Your Mother and went to bed.

Well, she went to bed anyway.  I played one of Harvey’s favorite games: Throw the Red Ball into the Other Room So I Can Run After It and You Can Try to Take It Back from Me.  Meanwhile Bruce alternatively laid next to me for me to rub his belly or ran for cover under the bed.

So that’s about it today.  I’m going to get back to editing the Costa Rica videos.

Zach Dotsey