Work was busy and somewhat tiring today.  I can’t even say what all I did, but it just seemed like I worked on one thing after another after another.

We met in Leland tonight for the first meeting of our new full small group, since Mike and Sarah Nowak weren’t there last week.  They’d already been scheduled to check out the new birthing center at the hospital.

There was a little conversation beforehand where Amanda and I were asked if we would want to go ahead and step up to become the leaders of the group.  We were fine with that, although I feel we’re more facilitators than leaders.  It gave me a bit of a shift in thinking too.  Previously I had seen this group as sort of a holdover until we could all add enough couples to split up and form two groups out of it, but now I see it as less of a temporary group and more of a permanent one.  Not that any group is indefinitely permanent, but it’s more of a solid, fixed thing than I had though before, which makes me want to give even more to it, I feel.

The meeting went really well, I think.  We went around the room and each couple told of their former small group experiences, how they met and how they ended up in Wilmington.  This is a very social and talkative group, so we didn’t leave until 10:00.  Amanda and I came away very happy with it though.  Everyone seems to be committed to coming and pretty comfortable talking to each other.  We’re looking forward to this working out.

Zach Dotsey