Work didn’t feel quite as crazy as yesterday, which was nice.  At 11:30 I went to Nick and Amy Warkentien’s house to pick up Marilyn Cuthbert, Amy’s mom, and take her to the airport.  She was definitely sad to go and didn’t want to leave Eli, her first grandchild.  I took a few pictures of her and the baby and the two of them with Amy.

She’s a nice lady, Marilyn is.  We chatted on the way to the airport and she left a fiver in the car for me, though I insisted that she certainly didn’t have to do that.  She did though, and after I left the airport I stopped by Little Caesar’s and picked up a cheese pizza with the money.  I had it for lunch and for dinner.

As mentioned, work went by uneventfully.  At 5:00 I picked up Lars and we met Michael Mercer at Anna and Barry Frazelle’s on Wrightsville Beach to go surfing.  We had a really fun session, at least speaking for myself.  Michael tried out the Terry Senate board, which is the first time he’s used a board under seven feet long, which may have affected his ability to catch as much as he otherwise would have.

Lars brought his board (the one that got dinged by my board on Saturday), but since Michael wasn’t using the Banana he left it strapped to my car and used the Banana instead.  I used my own board and caught, I’d say, at least 30 waves.  That’s not at all true, but I did catch quite a few.  I didn’t realize until after I got home just how spent I was from all the exertion.

Back at the Frazelle house we all rinsed off, as we always do, but this time Michael and Lars thought it would be entertaining to open the door on me.  I had the wetsuit entirely off except for my right foot and I was able to hold it over the stuff I’m guessing they didn’t want to actually see, but since my one foot was still in the wetsuit I had trouble coordinating everything.  Michael teased that he would do something highly inappropriate and I said if he did that I would thump it.  They both thought I said “pump”, which was also highly inappropriate.  Really, the whole situation was, well, kinda wrong and kinda funny.

I got home and finished off my pizza for .  Amanda and I watched Lost then she went to bed.  She told me she probably could have gone to bed after she got home, she was so tired.  I watched a little bit more TV then sat down to do this.  I’m a bit tired myself, so I expect I’ll be in bed soon too.

Zach Dotsey