Today was a little busy at work.  I didn’t think it was going to be, and when Barry Frazelle called at about 12:30 to ask me if I wanted to go surfing, I thought I might be able to kick off a little early (though not that early), but the phone kept ringing and ringing.

One series of calls was actually very satisfying.  I’ll try to do a short version of this.  So here’s what happened.  A client called saying they could receive their e-mail in Outlook, but they couldn’t send.  The first thing I had them do was log into their webmail, which is a direct connection to the server, and have them try sending from that.  They did, and it worked, which told me that there was nothing wrong on our end.  If our server is sending and receiving, the problem lies in some setting in Outlook.

Now, a couple years ago I saw this problem come up every now and then with clients who used Bellsouth as their Internet Service Provider (ISP).  They could have been using default SMTP (outgoing) mail settings for years, then suddenly it would stop working and they’d have to use Bellsouth’s SMTP setting.  I told this to the client and told her to get her SMTP setting from her ISP.

Well, she called back a few minutes later and said that the ISP told her it wasn’t their problem, that it was ours.  Sigh.  I’d been through this plenty of times and knew what I was talking about.  After a few minutes she had me on a conference call with her ISP and I explained all of the above to their support guy.  He then explained why it couldn’t be their fault.  I asked him what their SMTP setting was and he gave it to us.  I told her to plug it  in, she hit the test button, and what do you know- it worked!

I have to say, I felt pretty smug about that.  I wanted to be all like, “In yo face!” but I just sat back and smiled to myself.

Amanda got home and we went off to Wrightsville Beach.  Well, we didn’t go right out.  Amanda had to change a few times, never feeling happy with what she put on.  She’s at the point where she just feels big, but everyone has told her that she doesn’t look like she’d put on any weight besides the baby belly.

I surfed and Amanda took pictures of me, Michael Mercer, Barry and Hannah Frazelle and Christian Black.  Michael and I didn’t give her too much to take pictures of.  I was using the Terry Senate board, a little shorter than I’m used to, it was crowded out and the waves seemed a little hard to take off on.  The wind eventually picked up and made he decide to go back inside.

We were invited to stay for dinner with the Frazelles afterwards.  Anna fixed some mahi and salad and, special for me, a grilled cheese sandwich.  I have to admit, the fish wasn’t bad.  The bite of Amanda’s mahi I had tasted like tender chicken.  Everyone else complimented Anna on it, but she said it was too tough.  Or maybe “hard” was the word she used.

Kirsten Frazelle is heading to Mexico tomorrow with the Winslows, friends of the Frazelles.  I hope she has a good and safe time there.

After dinner Amanda and I headed on home and just spent some nice time together.  Barry’s going to call me early tomorrow morning if the waves look good so I can get a session in tomorrow, since we’ll be at our Richlands baby shower for a good portion of the day.  I called Lars earlier and asked if he wanted to go, but he was moving tonight and tomorrow to the house that he and Kaitlyn are renting.  I told him he should go out in the morning since they weren’t going to start the moving process until 11:00. but Kaitlyn wouldn’t let him out to play.

Zach Dotsey