We got up this morning and spent a little bit of leisurely time doing nothing before getting ready to go to Richlands for our first baby shower.  My brother, Adam Dotsey, and Renee Sikes, who was in town, followed us there.  They could have ridden with us, of course, but then we would have had very little space for carrying back baby shower gifts.

We got to Amanda’s parents’ house around noon and hung out for a bit.  Karen Mercer, Amanda’s mom, hadn’t gotten in yet, but her dad, Phil Mercer, had come back from a fishing trip to Portsmouth Island.  My mom showed up with my sisters, Erin Dotsey and Andra Sawyer, along with Andra’s daughter, Addison Sawyer, and my aunt, Robbie Horner, who was a special surprise guest, having traveled all the way down from Wilmington, Delaware.  My dad and Jackson, Andra’s son, were fishing at the lake in Roxboro.  I had talked to Jackson (and my dad) earlier in the day and he was very excited.

We ate sandwiches for lunch, provided by Amanda’s mom, Karen Mercer, then had a birthday cake for Adam since nobody had really been around or had had a chance to give him anything for his birthday yet.  Amanda and I gave him some new sandals when he and Renee got to our house earlier.

After a bit we went to the baby shower, which was held at Richlands First Baptist Church, which Amanda’s parents attend.  Karen’s friends, the Yo Yos, put the whole shindig together, which was a really nice thing of them to do.  We, or I should say Milly, got all kinds of things: two strollers, two handmade blankets, seventeen receiving blankets, onesies, outfits, a tub… all kinds of things.  I really can’t recall them all right now.

After the shower we went ahead and took a couple of the doubled things back to Babies R Us, since there’s one in nearby Jacksonville but not one in Wilmington.  We somehow managed to pack everything up in the car and headed on home.

We got back home just in time to see the end of the Michigan State-UConn Final Four game in which the Spartans won.  I was glad to see the Huskies lose, but since I figured (rightly, I’ll go ahead and say) that Carolina would beat Villanova and am pretty sure that UConn is a tougher matchup for the Heels, I’m a little apprehensive about Monday night’s NCAA Championship game.  No, I’ll be honest, I have very little faith that Michigan State can pull off a win.

Anyway, while I was watching basketball Amanda was sorting out all of the baby stuff (which I had carried inside and then upstairs).  She did a great job of getting it all organized for now.

Zach Dotsey