I got up at 5:30 to be at Port City Community Church by 6:00 to run a camera for all three services, and I got there by 6:00, but then I remembered that a while back the call time had changed to 6:30, so I sat in my car for a bit.

The service was pretty cool.  It featured a “text message” for a part of the service in order to let the words of a praise song really sink in.  The current series is called I Stand Amazed and is about worship, so the song that was put up on the screen was the title song of the series.  I sat with my wife, Amanda Dotsey, and her brother, Michael Mercer, at the 10:30 service.  Running the floor camera makes that a pretty easy transition.

The two of them grabbed breakfast at Panera afterwards.  I finished up with the 12:30 service then, getting a message from Michael, headed out to Wrightsville Beach to surf a bit while Amanda looked for maternity clothes.  She’s put off buying them as long as she can but she’s having trouble finding pants to fit her, particularly in her size.  She ended up spending a bit more than either of us wanted her to, but she’s got some clothes she can wear to work now, plus she made up for it by putting up a mass of laundry.

Back to surfing.  Barry Frazelle was going to go out with us, but he got called away to a meeting.  Lars Boscaljon did join us though.  Hannah Frazelle and her boyfriend, Christian Black were out there even though the waves were pretty small.  Hannah took the Banana, Michael’s favorite board, so he took out Big Betty, although Hannah didn’t stay out long and he switched back as soon as he could.

It was pretty boring for a while, and before long Michael, Lars and I were the only fools out there.  I saw that some waves were breaking down shore from us a bit and Michael saw some breaking up shore, so we went in opposite directions with Lars joining me.  Some small sets soon appeared and even though they took us right to the shore (I had to jump off my board in ankle deep water a number of times), we were at least catching some stuff.  They started breaking a little further out and we all had some fun after a while.

We’d been out there for probably two hours when Larsarus and I decided to head on in.  Michael stayed out a few more minutes and was catching another set as we were walking in.  All in all it was a lot like it was last summer, where it was too small for the hardcore types, but there was enough stuff for us to catch and have some fun.  The water is warming up a little too- none of us wore gloves today and even though it took a few minutes for our hands to get used to it, none of us minded.

By the time I got home I had been gone for right at twelve hours.  I was tired from staying up watching basketball last night then getting up so early.  I went upstairs to where Amanda was going through some baby and maternity clothes Andra had given Amanda and laid down on the bed with Bruce.  I dozed off for, I don’t know, probably no more than half an hour before heading back downstairs to watch a little TV with Amanda.

She asked me to pick up some milk from the grocery store, and even though I was still very tired and, at this point, a little sore and exhausted as well, I did that plus I filled the Jetta up with gas to save Amanda from having to get up a few minutes early tomorrow to do it herself.

Zach Dotsey