I had a dream last night that started off actually kind of fun.  I and a few other people were at a pool which was either inside a large house or in the courtyard of a large house.  It was nighttime, and there was some sort of thatched thing you could climb up above the pool then either jump off into the water or it would dip down into the water.  That part was kind of confusing, but I knew that people were having fun.

The mansion I was in, which I believe I was watching for someone, had what looked like attached square towers in all four corners of the building that actually contained staircases.  Everyone had left and I was going to start locking the doors.  I was in the one at the back left of the house and as I was going to close on of the doors a person dressed in a tight, long-sleeved black shirt, black gloves and jeans with the bottom half of his face covered pushed open the door, knocking me over, and ran upstairs, heading for the room where Amanda was.

I’m not entirely sure what happened next.  I think Iran up the stairs, terrified and feeling violated that someone had broken into the house with me not knowing where they were.  I was trying to yell at him, to try to scare him and get him to leave the house, but in my terror, just like in a few other dreams I’ve had, my throat was seizing up and I could hardly make a sound.  What sound I did make came out broken and quiet, like a person with a very sore throat trying to yell at someone.  I remember my mouth was very dry.  It was similar to that too, when you try to talk but your throat is completely dry.

I think I caught up to him on the landing at the top of the stairs as he was trying to bolt, and/or I was trying to pull him back away towards the door.  He wasn’t much bigger than I was, I recall, and he kind of resembled our friend Nick Jones.

It was at about that time that Amanda woke me up.  She said I was moving around and making noises in the bed.  Something about that shook me a bit, that I was having a nightmare that affected me enough that I was giving outward signs of it.  Amanda chalked it up to a pregnancy dream, and I suppose she might be right.