Despite the fact that I was the one with the dream bad enough to make me make noises in my sleep, Amanda didn’t sleep well last night.  You might think it might be in part because of that, but she started feeling sick recently.  I’m pretty much over whatever my problem was last week, which I might not have even mentioned.  I think my problems were sinus-related.

At any rate, Amanda was exhausted this morning so she called in.  I asked if she was going to go work a part-day, but since she had a baby doctor appointment this afternoon there wasn’t much point.  Besides, by the time I took her to that she was still feeling a bit dreamy and was glad to not have to drive.

The appointment went mostly well.  Amanda’s iron, which has been low, is now on the low side of acceptable.  The baby’s heartbeat is strong, but the doctor (whose name I forget, but I did like him), said that Amanda’s measuring a little small, so they’re going to bring her in for an ultrasound next week to measure the baby.  The plus side to that is that we get another ultrasound.  Sarah Nowak later mentioned a friend during prayer requests at small group who is having forced labor at, I think she said, 33 weeks because the baby is too small.  I didn’t quite understand it (and I hadn’t yet told them about the size concern for Milly), but of course I thought about our baby.  Hopefully it’s not a big deal.  Her heartbeat is nice and strong though.

Speaking of small group, Amanda didn’t make it to that, but we had a really good meeting, I thought.  The study guide we’re doing talks about managing and planning your marriage, but we got off onto tangents about Noah’s Ark, predestination versus free will and some other things.  I thought it was great that in only the second week of meeting together people are already comfortable bringing up some pretty heady subjects and sharing their thoughts and feelings on the matter.

On a totally unrelated matter, do you remember the toe I might or might not have broken?  Well it pretty much feels peachy, but I noticed that the toenail is loose.  I think it’s really loose.  I haven’t messed with it much because when I do mess with it it seems kind of mobile and it looks somewhat unattached except for on the left side of the nail.  I mean, it’s not hinging off or anything, but I think that sucker’s gone.  I’m leaving it on as long as I can, which may or may not be a good idea, but my thought it that the longer I can keep it covered while a new toenail grows in its place the better, right?

I might have to look that up online and see what wisdom I can find.

Zach Dotsey