The past few weeks have been going well overall but Missy has been in a lot of pain for several days now. The night time seems to be the worst. The lymph glands on Missy’s neck have gone down a considerable amount. However, on Friday night she woke up screaming in pain…the lymph glands under her arm and neck were about 4 times larger than they had ever been. Mom had her take some things and called the doctor right away. Thankfully they were able to help quickly and she looked a lot better in the morning!

My Mom texted us at about 1:00 this morning asking all of us siblings to pray as Missy was in a lot of pain again. She has a doctor’s appointment in Ann Arbor today. Please pray that the ride will go well and she will be comfortable and also that the doctor will have some suggestions to help with the pain.

Another thing to pray for is that Missy would be able to eat again. She is so malnourished and is still not gaining weight or eating. She gets so hungry and grabs a huge bowl of something but by the time she takes 3 bites she doesn’t want anymore. I think it upsets her stomach.

She really needs prayer for her spirit and emotions as well. She’s back to the place where she really needs somebody with her all of the time but she doesn’t want to be a burden to anybody. My Mom has needed to work at least a few hours in the afternoons and it’s been very tough on both of them. Pray that God will send some specific people who are soft spoken and understanding and that Missy would not feel like she has to entertain them.

2 PRAISES!!! My brother Nick and his wife Amy had baby Elijah Kennan Warkentien on March 22nd. Though they live in NC and Melissa is not well enough to travel yet, she has seen many pictures. 🙂 We didn’t think she would be here to see him at all so even seeing those pictures is very special! Also, I got engaged on March 19th and Missy has been able to go dress shopping with me and help with lots of things. That’s another thing we did not think she was going to be around for so we just want to give God extra praise and thanks for the special moments we get with her!!!