The answer to the question I posed myself last night is that is doesn’t matter- I can pull the toenail and a new one will grow back or I can leave it on and a new one will grow under it, pushing the old one off when it’s ready.

The story of the day is canceled plans.  Michael Mercer said something about going surfing after work, so I was planning on doing that, but it was windy and choppy and the surf report was decidedly negative, so we didn’t go.  Then Amanda and I were going to go to Nick and Amy Warkentien’s to watch Lost, but Amanda’s still feeling a little sick and didn’t want to accidentally get baby Eli sick, so we canceled that too.  She ended up getting in bed by about 8:30.

We did watch the last two episodes of House.  The first one was very interesting because it was about a patient who was “locked in” and couldn’t move, and it was told mostly from his perspective, from the camera shots to his internal dialogue.  In the second one, Kutner, one of the main characters, inexplicably killed himself.  It would have been a pretty big surprise, except I saw it on a news blurb in my RSS feed today.  How irritating!  The preview text in the RSS link gave it all away, so by the time I saw the spoiler alert at the top of the story’s page I’s already gotten the spoiler.

Zach Dotsey