Being that today is Good Friday and many people are off of work, I wasn’t expecting it to be too busy for me today, and for the most part it wasn’t.  I kept an eye on e-mail and answered any calls that came in, but there weren’t too many.

Amanda and I started off the day by taking a trip to Panera.  For the last couple days I’ve been wanting a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich.  Not just any bacon, egg and cheese sandwich though- I wanted one loading with crispy, crunchy bacon, and a little on the greasy side.  I didn’t think we’d find something quite like that at Panera, but it didn’t matter because we got there too late for breakfast anyway.  So we headed on over to Atlanta Bread.  I did get a sandwich there, but despite my request the bacon was not crispy and it just didn’t have that 24-hour diner quality to it that I was craving.  I didn’t think it quite would though.  The only places I can think of where I might be able to satisfy this craving are Saltworks and Causeway Cafe.

Anyhoo, we decided it was time to put down shoe molding (since the wood floors have been down I guess for over a year now), so we stopped by Home Depot on the way home to price unfinished shoe molding then borrowed Nick Warkentien’s truck and picked some up at Lowe’s (since it was a little cheaper by the foot).  We got home and Amanda and I were going to stain the strips of molding that we got, but I had some work stuff waiting on me to take care of.  Coincidentally, I finished that up just as Amanda finished up the staining.  She was in a bit of pain from having to squat and lean over to do the job, and she’s still sore from it tonight.  I did wipe up the stain, for what that’s worth.

After that we headed over to Nick and Amy Warkentien’s to play some Settlers of Catan with them and Andrea and Jerry Bernard (Amy’s sister and brother-in-law).  I knew early on that I wasn’t going to win, and I think I finished with only three points.  Amy won.

Early on we had a break in the game when Amy went to go feed a fussing Eli.  I happened to get a work call at about that time that took me a while, too.

We headed on back to the house where Michael Mercer soon appeared, followed not too long after by Karen and Phil Mercer, who came to town to help us with some stuff and go to church with us tomorrow.  Amanda has been in the mood for Indochine for a while now, so we ate there.  None of the Mercers seemed to impressed with Indochine, but Amanda and I really enjoyed it.

Zach Dotsey