Last night was a rough one.  First off, since Karen and Phil Mercer were staying the night, Bruce and Harvey kept getting out of bed and going downstairs then coming back up.  Then, at about 2:30 it started raining really, really hard.  Amanda suddenly remembered that all of the shoe molding that we had stained (okay, she stained it, I wiped it) was still out on the front porch, so we got up, brought them inside and dried the strips off.  Fortunately, they didn’t warp.

I spent most of the day installing the shoe molding with Phil.  We managed to tuck the cable wire under most of the molding through a combination of Phil shaving off some of the back of the molding and wedging the cable between the flooring that was already down and the… dangit, I’m having a brain fart.  The wood at the bottom of the wall, but above the floor.  Other than that, generally Phil cut and I nailed.  I’ve got to stain the sawed edges still, and I’ve got to put down the threshold between the living room and the kitchen still, but it really makes a significant difference, having the shoe molding down now.

Amanda and Karen spent a portion of the day running around.  They picked up the thresholds along with some Dr. Seuss books to use for the nursery.  They then spent the rest of the day drawing on the walls and starting to paint them in.  So far we’ve got a Horton and a Cat in the Hat.  They’re doing a really good job on it.

Phil and I (well, Phil, although I told Amanda I could do it myself, and I was right) put the upstairs shower head downstairs and installed the new, detachable shower head upstairs.  The cord’s too long on it, but it’s a nice one with lots of pressure options.  We decided to put that one upstairs since we’ll likely use it a lot for Milly and the nursery will be right next to that bathroom.

I also relocated Cobb today.  His food and litter box have always been on a table in the nursery.  The table, though, is where the crib will be, and we figured it’s best not to have the litter box in the nursery anyway, so we put a small table in the dormer in our room and set him up there.  He didn’t seem to mind, which is funny because cats tend to be finicky about change.  I’m pretty sure this move will also lead us (me) to empty out the litter box more often.

Michael surfed today, and of course I’d have liked to have joined him, but we had so much going on.  He said it was decent out but crowded.  He came over afterwards and we all packed into the Jetta and went to Port City Community Church for the Easter service.  PC3’s having five services this weekend, which is just nuts!  I thought the music was particularly good today, like the band was really into it.  This was Phil’s first time at our church, and he said he liked it.  Karen and Phil took off afterwards.  We thought about going to get something to eat, but nobody could come to a consensus.

As I type this I’m watching The Ten Commandments, Charlton Heston-style.  I’ve never seen the whole movie all together, and given that with commercials it’s about four hours long and I’m about to doze off anyway, I don’t see that happening now.

My knee hurts and I don’t know why.  Maybe it’s from going up and down the stairs a bunch, maybe it’s from working on the floor.  Amanda’s sore still from staining the shoe molding yesterday.  I took some Advil and have the heat wrap on my leg.

Zach Dotsey