Christos vostress!

That (or something very like it) means “Christ is risen” in Slovak.  The tradition is that you say that to Pap, my grandfather (whose parents were from Czechoslovakia) and then the response, of course, is “Truly He has risen,” (or “He has risen indeed,” whatever) except I can’t remember how to say that part.  I called my dad’s cell phone to tell Pap that, but it went to the voicemail and I never heard back.

My parents, as I feel I should explain, are in Kentucky for the weekend.  They took Pap, who’s not getting around the best and has been in a rest home for some time now, to church.  I never did get up with my parents, but I did get to talk to all my siblings (Erin and Adam Dotsey, Andra Sawyer), plus my brother-in-law, Josh Sawyer, and nephew, Jackson Sawyer.

Amanda and I started the day taking our time getting ready.  We thoguht we were volunteering at Grow Zone for the 10:30 service at Port City Community Church (like most second Sundays), but I guess this week was one where you specifically sign up for it.  Anyway, we showed up and they put us to work anyway.  The church was expecting a bit more in the way of traffic and visitors this week and has repurposed the living room area (a few rooms set up as living rooms for meetings and the like) as overflow Grow Zone rooms.  To that end, Amanda and I were assigned there.  We waited until just after the 10:30 service started and, by that time with the exception of a room full of four year olds, none of the overflow was needed.  It’s great that the church was prepared, but I’m guessing since the kids were all spread out over five services it helped mitigate the need.

Being that it’s Easter, Amanda and I stopped by Wal-Mart to see if we could get some Cadbury Creme Eggs, but they were completely out of them.

Michael showed up at the house a little after noon and, along with Bruce and Harvey, we all drove to Beulaville to their grandparents’ house to celebrate Easter together.  The Frazelles didn’t make it this year because Kirsten just got in very late last night from a trip to Mexico.

We ate lunch, talked, hung out, the usual family thing.  I don’t know what Bruce got into, but he stank, so I washed him in the garage sink.  I used soap and that seemed to cover it up temporarily, but I ended up washing him again at home later on tonight.

Anyway, I napped briefly on the couch at Peggy and Earl Lemons’ house then we loaded up a desk for Karen in her van and moved a piano for Peggy before taking off back to Wilmington.  After we got back Michael went back to his apartment and came back because we need Cobb’s pet carrier tomorrow and he forgot to bring it earlier.

Zach Dotsey