Amanda was originally planning on just taking a half day today since the baby doctor appointment was at 1:00, but she ended up taking off the full day and helping her mom paint the nursery.  It’s looking great, but the big thing of the day is this: Does Milly look more like me or more like Amanda?

Tough call.  The ultrasound tech couldn’t get an easy shot of her face because her hands were in front of it for most of the time.  The shadows are a little weird (as they tend to be with these 3D images) and her eyes are closed, but it’s still such a cool picture, isn’t it?  I think her mouth looks a but like Amanda’s, but that’s all I can really tell.  She looks so different from her last ultrasound.  She’s got cheeks and everything- she’s so much more filled out!

The reason we had another ultrasound was because the last doctor thought Amanda might be a bit small and wanted to measure Milly, and they could only do that with an ultrasound.  Turns out she’s just fine in length and weight (71st percentile I believe), but Amanda’s a little low on amniotic fluid so they told her to not do anything too physically demanding and to drink a lot of water.

Karen got to accompany us this time, which I think we really great for her.

Other than all that work was very busy for me this morning and the ladies spent all day in the nursery.  As I said before, it’s looking terrific, but there’s still so much more to do with it.

After work Amanda, Karen and I met Michael at Pizza Hut for dinner.  He and I split a stuffed crust cheese pizza before Amanda and I headed off to small group, held tonight at the Nowaks’ house.  We finally got to meet their son, Henry.  Group was good, as it had been, but Amanda and I cut it off for ourselves at 9:00 since Karen was back at the house all by herself.

She had thought about going on home tonight, but the weather was icky so she decided to stay.  She was still painting when we got back to the house and she’s planning on doing more tomorrow.

Zach Dotsey