Amanda took Cobblet to the vet today for a checkup.  Nothing major, and he’s doing fine.  He’s actually lost two pounds since the last time we took him, which is pretty significant.  He’s at about twelve now I think.

I spent some time this morning running to three different banks, which seems a little crazy.  First I dropped off the mortgage at one, picked up my paycheck and deposited it at another, then made a work depsoit at the third.

Karen Mercer showed back up at the house while I was out.  I left her a message about having left her a key somewhere, but she didn’t get it and called me to ask where it was.  When I got home the front door was open but the storm door was locked.  I don’t think I have ever once locked that thing.  Karen did it because she was upstairs drawing and painting on the nursery walls.

We’ve been keeping the nursery door shut since the baby shower to keep the dogs out and it was shut again after Karen and Phil left on Saturday until she went back in there today.  The reason we were keeping the dogs out is mainly so Harvey won’t go in there and chew on baby things and so Bruce won’t pee on them.  He likes to get up at night and go in there, and back when it was my office I’d notice it any time he did it and clean the mess accordingly, but since it’s been so long and the room has rarely been used since I moved downstairs, and the door was always open anyway (since that’s where the litter box was) the mess had built up a little.  Still, since the door was open the effect (read: odor) wasn’t all that noticeable.  Since it had been shut for a couple days, it was definitely more noticeable.

All that is to say that Karen suggested something she said she’d have done with her kids if she’d thought about it, and that is to put down laminate flooring.  So after Amanda got off work the three of us ate at McAlister’s then went over to Lowe’s to look at flooring.  We found some tiles we liked and Karen went ahead and bought them for us, which was extremely kind of her to do.  Now I’ve just got to put it down.

So we all did that then came back home and watched Monday night TV.  When Heroes came on Amanda and I tried as best we could to explain who everyone was and what was going on.

Zach Dotsey