The last time lamaze classes started was while I was in Costa Rica.  Since then apparently the majority of the lamaze teachers have gone out on maternity leave, leading to a dearth of teachers and, by extension, classes.  Amanda found out that we can sign up for a class today, but it runs past our due date.  On top of that, we had to sign up in person and during office hours, so to make sure we could get into a class at all, I left work a little early to stop by the Ogden office of Carolina OBGYN and get us in it.

Since I finished that up at about a quarter of five and Lars had called about going out surfing, I decided to head on out to Wrightsville Beach after that.  Kaitlyn had gone to Charlotte with a friend of hers yesterday and was returning this evening, so even though Lars was the one who got the idea to go out in my head, he ended up canceling because Kaitlyn wanted to see him.  That lead to the first solo surf session I’ve had in a long time.

The waves were mushy and it was windy.  I described it as being like Campbell Soup- thick and chunky.  Despite all this, the waves were indeed sizable and pretty fun, but you had to fight a bit to get out there.  I rode three or four of them then had decided to go on in when Barry Frazelle called out to me.  I saw him for maybe a minute or two then, between the current pulling down the beach and having ridden another wave in, I didn’t see him again.  I decided to surf the inside, which wasn’t too bad, instead of fighting my way back out again, and got a few of those before, beat, I headed on in.

On the way home I stopped by the recycling center on Wrightsville Beach.  It took me a while to get it all dumped because of two things.  First off, we had all our recycling mixed up- paper bags with plastic and cardboard in them, carboard boxes with plastic and paper in them, etc.  The other thing is that at that recycling center they have about twenty different categories of plastic that you have to sort through.  Anyway, because I had to keep going back and forth with the different items and then had to sort them out even further, recycling took a while.  I plan to keep them better separated in the future.

After I got home Amanda and I watched Friday Night Lights then Heroes.  Michael came by for a minute too.  The power cord on his laptop “blew up” and he was at Best Buy trying to find a new one, so he stopped over here to see if I happened to have any spare cord that would help him out.  As it turns out, I did- it was the cord that went to my external hard drive case.  For that, the power box stopped working, so I just gave him the cord part and it seems to be a perfect fit.

Zach Dotsey