I had lunch today at Old Chicago with Ed Castro.  That place has some really good pizza, let me tell you, and a good pizza lunch special to boot.  I’ve been there only once before and already knew that the pizza was good, but we got an appetizer sampler and all the appetizers were really good too.  Anyway, Ed and I just chatted and caught up.  It was good spending some time with him.

A little while later I had a meeting with a client that I’m pretty excited about.  I have a rule of not mentioning specific clients on here, but I will say that it’s with a company that makes and sells surfboards, and after the meeting I was shown around the facility and given a lesson in Surfboard-Making 101, which was really cool to me.

Amanda and I had small group tonight.  We had a great discussion, I thought.  It got off track to talk about atheism and the state of America (two separate subjects, but one lead partly into the other), but I think that some of the best discussions come from getting sidetracked.

Not a whole lot else going on today.  Coach Mike Krzyzewski was on the Colbert Report tonight.  I haven’t watched that or The Daily Show much in a while.  Anyway, there wasn’t much to the interview.  Coach K was promoting his new book, The Gold Standard, about his time coaching Team USA in the 2008 Summer Olympics.  Coach K seemed a little under the weather and Stephen Colbert didn’t let him get too much in.  It’s sort of his style, you know.

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Coach K on Colbert