Everyone in the house, Ben, Jessica, Amanda and I, we were all awake by around 7:30 this morning.  I can’t say as to why, it just happened that way.

We decided to grab breakfast at Causeway Cafe, but that didn’t pan out because there were fifteen groups ahead of us on the list, and as small as that place is that would have taken forever.  Part of the reason I had suggested Causeway was because I have still been yearning for a cafe-style bacon egg and cheese sandwich with crispy bacon on regular bread, which yearning had yet to be satisfied.  So we trekked across town to Saltworks.  Oddly enough we seated ourselves with no problem and, along with a terrific French toast, I finally had my craving satisfied.

It did take us half an hour to get to Saltworks for some reason.  I went the straightest path, which was down Wrightsville Avenue, but we had some slow people in front of us so maybe I should have just taken Oleander.  Anyway, after breakfast the four of us went to Toy R Us because Amanda wanted to be able to give her mom a crib mattress, or maybe it was the changing table mattress?  Anyway, she wanted to give it to her mom so her grandpa or her dad could make sure something measured right.  I pay such close attention to details, yeah?  But checking the registry, Amanda found that someone had already gotten it for her.

We went on out to the beach after that.  With Ben’s blessing, I grabbed my surfboard and went on out.  I wore a springsuit today, and at first I was pretty cold but after just a few minutes I felt fine.  The air was warm, around 80 degrees, which helped.  Michael Mercer joined us after a bit and for the most part we were the only two guys out there surfing.  The waves were small and they were breaking into some pretty shallow water, but they were easy to catch and we had some fun.  Michael drifted towards Crystal Pier and kept motioning me to go over there, but I know that the current likes to suck you dangerously close to the pylons, so I stayed down where I was.  He said the waves were bigger down there, which they may have been, but I was doing dandy where I was.

I got out of the water I guess at about ten ’til 2, which gave me just enough time to hose off and get changed back into regular clothes for the baby shower, which was supposed to run from 2-4.  Nobody showed up for the first half hour or so, but then it seemed like everybody came all at once.  Fortunately we were able to park a lot of cars in a nearby vacant rental house.

The baby shower was great.  Anna made cupcake versions of two of my favorite treats that she makes- her chocolate chocolate cake and her chocolate banana bread, along with a strawberry cupcake.  I dare not list the people who showed up because there were so many that I know I’d leave some out and feel bad for doing so.  It was a great turnout though.  We got a lot of gifts for Milly and had a great time seeing people, some of whom we haven’t had a chance to hang out with in a while.

Around 5:30 when there were still a few people around we decided that we needed to head on home and let Bruce, Harvey and Mack out to relieve themselves, since they’d been inside all day.  Well, we figured the bigger two dogs, who had been in crates all day, needed relieving and that Bruce probably took it upon himself to not bother waiting.

Once we finished that Michael came by the house and he, Ben, Jessica, Amanda and I went to Brixx for dinner then (after a stop back at the house for Amanda) headed on downtown to get some Kilwin’s ice cream and take in the atmosphere for a bit.  We went on home after that and were all very tired.

Zach Dotsey