I had several dreams last night, most of the vaguely disturbing as I seem to recall, but I only remember one very well.  Actually, I remember a snippet of one that came before it.  In it, there was a place, seems like it used to be a fire station or something, and in the large, open garage there was a steel staircase that lead to a walkway against one wall and on that walkway (for some reason) was a shower.  People would go there to shower, like after going to the beach (but naked), though I don’t recall the place being at the beach.  It was all pretty open, but it was generally accepted that you go there, do your business, and nobody pays much mind.

Well, Amanda was hosing off there once and while it vaguely bothered me that other people could come and go as she was doing her business, like I said, it wasn’t a big deal.  But then some guy came through and started staring and stuff, which started getting me angry.  That’s all I remember of that dream.

In the second dream, I went with Amanda to a baby doctor appointment.  It was a male and he was going to have to do “one of those” exams, and he warned me about it, maybe calling on the previous dream.  As the exam started, well, let’s just say that a leg appeared and Milly decided it was time to come into the world.  The doctor was very surprised and didn’t have all the equipment needed and while he did deliver our baby, she was slippery and he dropped her on the floor.  Her head was cracked but other than that and being very small (smaller than she actually is in reality right now) she was pretty much okay.  I gathered her up and carried her in my arms, she was no longer than my forearm, running around looking for help for her.