Amanda got some pretty bad sunburn yesterday on her legs, belly and a little of her chest.  It’s odd that that happened because she and I used the same lotion, except I was out longer and my skin was damp when I put it on.  I guess she was in one position the whole time, but still, it’s strange that she was burned, and burned as much as she was.

Ben and Jessica Lambeth accompanied Amanda and I to Port City Community Church this morning.  Back when they lived here they went there too, but this was the first time they’d been in the new building.  The last time they were in town the building was almost finished, but not quite.

After the service we ran into a number of people.  At one point we had the four of us plus Elliot Clark and Melissa Nicholson and Kristen Barriner all hanging out like it was an old small group reunion.  During that time I was swapping text messages with Christy Sikes and their daughter, Addison until we finally ran into each other.  They’re a couple who contacted us via GroupFinder about joining our (current) small group and will be coming to check us out this week.

Ben, Jessica, Amanda and I grabbed some bagels at Ken’s Bagels after church where we happened to run into Mike and Sara Nowak and their son, Henry.  Henry actually remembered me from yesterday at the baby shower, which I thought was pretty cool.  After breakfast we hung out at the house for a little while then Ben and Jessica packed up the car.  Ben helped me move a few things downstairs then we hung out a little while longer before they took off.

We joked about them sticking around for the open house for the house next door to us.  They did pick up a flyer on the way out and called to tell us it was going for $180,000, which we took as a good sign because it’s more than we paid for our own house and the two are very similar.

I wanted to take a nap after that but Amanda got me to go to Toys R Us with her to retunr a couple things.  We picked Michael up on the way because he wanted to get something for Milly.  It took him a while but he eventually decided on a stuffed elephant.  I think it was the elephant he decided on.  He was imagining her walking around holding it by the trunk or the tail.

Amanda dropped me off with Michael back at his place and we went to Wrightsville Beach to go surfing.  We got in touch with Lars about it and he somehow beat us out there by several minutes.  The waves were small and breaking pretty close to the shore, very similar to yesterday, but Lars and I had a really good time.  Michael got a bit negged out as he wasn’t catching them as well as he wanted to.  He said the board kept dipping to one side and he said he felt like he’d regressed.  We all told him that everyone has bad days sometimes.  He’s been sick for a few days too, which probably didn’t help.  He’s insisting that he has swine flu, some new epidemic from Mexico.

Michael took me home when we were done, stopping by Atlanta Bread for dinner and the Food Lion at Market and Gordon so we could both pick up a few groceries.  Amanda had cleaned all the Days of Our Lives off of the DVR, which is good because she said it was over 90% full.  We watched a little bit ourselves before she went to bed.  I was tired too, but I didn’t want to go upstairs yet so I dozed while watching Life After People and Battles BC.

Zach Dotsey