Amanda and I were tired once again this Sunday, so we still haven’t taken any pregger pictures.  We started out being so consistent at it, too.

So this week Milly continues to grow.  She should be somewhere around 20 inches and five pounds now and her fingernails should be about to the tips of her fingers.  I think we’ve already got two sets of baby nail clippers, so we should be good to go there.

Amanda’s doing fine herself.  She hasn’t been able to bend over really well for a few weeks now, having to call me upstairs when Bruce wants in bed because she can’t get him.  Ben mentioned to Amanda that her feet hadn’t swollen up yet on Friday night, and sure enough on Saturday they blew up.  Thanks, Ben!

Cravings these days are mainly cereal and apple juice.  Speaking of nails earlier, Amanda’s having a hard time clipping her toenails, which has been a source of minor friction.  I don’t know what it is, but I really don’t like the idea of clipping her nails.  It’s just weird to me somehow.