I started out the day going to the baby doctor with Amanda.  There was an ultrasound, which is why I went, and I’m happy to report that Amanda’s amniotic fluid, which was low at the appointment two weeks ago, is just fine now.  They said it could be just the way Milly was sitting in Amanda’s stomach last time or it could have been that Amanda had been active and not drinking enough water.  Anyway, she’s fine now.

On the ultrasound we got to see Milly breathing, hiccuping and dreaming in REM sleep, which was very cool.  She seems to like having her right arm up with her hand behind her head.

After that I went back home to work.  It was another day where I wished things would just stop coming at me so fast, but then again, being busy is good.

After work Amanda and I went to go look at cars.  The lease is up on the Jetta in September (yeah, I know, we shouldn’t have leased) so we’ve got to decide what we want to get.  We’ve been looking at Bob King dealerships since that’s who we got the Jetta from and we figure with times like they are we’ll get a decent deal on something if we stick with them.

We met a salesman named Reed who Amanda had talked to on the phone a bit and we took a few cars out for a spin.  The main thing we’re looking for is room.  The Jetta’s got a great trunk, but we want space for when we’re going to Rougemont or Richlands with the baby, baby stuff, luggage and two dogs (particularly Harvey, since Bruce doesn’t take up much space).  To that end, we’ve been looking at small SUV’s and (not station) wagons.

We checked out three cars.  First we took out the Buick Rainier, which I liked.  It was smooth, very quiet and was actually the least expensive of the three cars we looked at.  We then drove a Buick Rendezvous.  It felt larger and I didn’t like the visibility as much, although the extra row of seats was a nice touch.  The last thing we drove was a Chevy HHR.  It was pretty fun to drive, but Amanda wasn’t too keen on it.  All three cars had plenty of space for our needs, I thought.

Amanda’s end impression was that she just really likes the Jetta, so we might trade in our leased Jetta for a used one with fewer miles and a better warranty.  We’ve got some time to decide on what we’re going to do, and other things might become available in the meantime anyway.

After we got home we watched a little TV, including the season finale of Heroes and tonight’s Lost.  Spoiler alerts.

So, Heroes. Syler killed Nathan and they decide to mindwipe Syler so he’ll become Nathan.  Did they really think that was a good idea?  And why didn’t they just have Claire bring the real Nathan back to life like she did for Noah when he got shot in the eye?  Come on, people, think!  That’s the problem with that show- sometimes they seem to do things just to do them without thinking logically.  And does Peter have all of Syler’s powers now, or was he only allowed to steal one of Syler’s powers when he touched him?  And finally, I was a bit dismayed at the cop-out with the big Nathan and Peter versus Syler showdown.  A bunch of noise and flashing lights under a door?  Really?  That could have been a really cool scene.

On to Lost.  I saw Daniel getting killed, and I called that it would be his mother who did it. Still, they’ve set up some good stuff, as they always tend to do.  So will the show end with them canceling out the events that lead to the show starting in the first place?  I don’t think it will, but I do think it would be a cool ending- where everyone gets on Oceanic Flight 815 and they safely land in LA without incident.

Zach Dotsey