I started the day off with a really nice client. I showed him some of the work that had been done this far and his face lit up. Now that’s a good feeling, when you meet with a client and they look like a kid at Christmas.

After that I met with Kevin Millard for lunch at Hibachi Bistro. I was going to help him move a picnic table at his house a little later but we decided to grab something to eat too. We talked about all sorts of things, from pregnant wives to business. I did a little running around after that, stopped by the house to take care of a few work tickets then headed over to Kevin’s for a bit to move the picnic table and talk a little more business.

After work Amanda and I, having invited both the Millards and the Warkentiens over for dinner, picked up a bit around the house then Amanda fixed chicken salad.  Everyone came and we had a nice time, mostly talking about babies and the like.  A little after The Office started we all sat down to watch it, but for some reason the recording was canceled on our DVR, so we all made a hasty scramble over to la Casa Millard.

Nick, Amy and Eli took off pretty soon after the show (featuring Michael Scott’s semi-triumphant return to Dunder-Mifflin) but Amanda and Lauren got to talking pregger stuff so Kevin and I went to play wit his new lighting setup.  He took a bunch of pictures just messing around with a few settings and a white backdrop then we went upstairs to look at them and some YouTube videos before Amanda was ready to head off to the house.  It was after 11:00 at that point and well past her bedtime.

It was nice to get some pictures of myself.  As Amanda pointed out, I’m always the one taking the pictures, so I’m in so few of them.

Zach Dotsey