As of today, my lovely wife, Amanda, and I have been married for five years.  What were we doing five years ago to the minute?  Well, we might have been sleeping since we were getting up the next day to take a flight to Orlando, but I doubt it.

I had several ideas about things to do to celebrate our anniversary and even asked for ideas from Facebook, the most popular having been submitted by Joe Runkle suggesting getting a couples’ massage.  When Amanda got home I even had the idea of spontaneously packing up and going on a trip to somewhere like Asheville or something.

With the way Amanda’s feet have been swollen lately and how every few minutes she has to get up and stretch her legs, not to mention pee, a long trip was out of the question and doing something like we did last year where we walked around downtown a bit was off too.  I thought about making something for dinner, but Amanda’s not had much of an appetite lately either.

So we ended up sitting around and doing nothing.  Neither one of us much felt like watching TV, so we lazily watched an episode of What Not to Wear because it was on after we watched something on the DVR.

Poor Amanda, being so pregnant, was pretty miserable.  I suggested a bath, which she acquiesced to (she’s not big on baths).  It may or may not have helped her discomfort.

I pointed out that five years from this anniversary, Milly would be getting ready to start Kindergarten before long.

Zach Dotsey