I was at Port City Community Church at 6:30 today to run a camera for the production team.  I recently moved to mobile cameras and have been running the one on the floor, in front of the stage, but today I was moved to actually being on the stage.  Chris Davis, who was supposed to be up there, had hurt his foot earlier in the week so we swapped placed.

Amanda came and sat with Michael at the 10:30 service.  Cyra Sherburn, a friend and coworker of Amanda’s, came to check out the church at that service too.  I sat with them for the message.

After the 12:30 service I stopped by the house to find Amanda painting in the nursery.  She was wearing the same thing she’d worn to church and, even though there hadn’t been any accidents yet that I know of in the painting process, I suggested that she might want to change.  Sure enough, later on she got a dab of paint on it.  I think it came out though.  Shout is an amazing product.

I was home just long enough to talk to her for a few minutes and grab my baggies.  Michael was heading out to Wrightsville with a friend and coworker of his own, Sarah, to go surfing.  I got there and the three of us went out and had a pretty good time.  The waves weren’t spectacular and it was a little choppy, but they were pretty easy to catch.  Sarah hadn’t surfed in a long time but she did just fine.  She wore Michael’s neoprene top, I wore my own and Michael, of course, was in his 4-3 wetsuit.

Back home, most of the rest of the night was spent painting the nursery.  We still have a long way to go.

Zach Dotsey