It seems like a lot of people at church today were asking about the baby.  Well, we’ve got five weeks to go, but I developed a gut feeling today (more likely fueled by anticipation, excitement and wishful thinking than any sort of psychic instinct, I’m sure) that we’re going to be two to three weeks early.

Amanda, by the way, is over being pregnant and ready for it to end.  Her feet swell up every day and Milly’s putting a lot of pressure on her lower ribs.  She has to get up several times a night to pee, which she really enjoys, and then when she gets back in bed she has to try to get comfortable again, with all that weight shifting around inside her stomach every time she turns.

So, all that said, let’s see what the book has to say about Milly’s development over the course of this week.

Milly should now be about twenty inches long from head to foot and shouldn’t be growing in length too much more for the duration.  She should be weighing in at about five and a half pounds and continue to put on half a pound a week until she decides to grace us with her presence.  Her brain is contiuing to develop a lot right now and, as was confirmed on our last baby doctor visit, her head is in a pretty downward position right now.  In fact, Amanda has commented several times that Milly’s got a big ol’ butt and that she likes to stick it out, as that’s one of the main parts that can be seen jabbing out as an odd lump on Amanda’s stomach a lot of times.