I could hardly keep off the phone at work today.  We got several new leads and I scheduled an impromptu lunch meeting with Lars to discuss a business idea he’s had a long time that he and Kaitlyn are exploring more in depth now.   I think they’ve definitely got some good marketing ideas.

I thought about going surfing today but it was nasty outside and there was a call for severe weather, although it just rained a little bit and stayed ugly outside for a while.

So here’s something really awesome.  For months now, I’m really not sure how long anymore, our upstairs air conditioning has not been working.  I think it goes back as far as when we needed heat (which, come to think of it, wasn’t really all that long ago).  A friend of ours who knows all about this sort of thing has come by the house on I think at least two other occasions to take a look, and nothing was ever really resolved.

Well, he came by again this evening to take a look at it.  He ran some diagnostics on it, filled it up with freon, everything, and he couldn’t quite say what was wrong.  Then, at one point, I went outside after going in to check on something for him and he had this smirk on his face.  I asked him if that was because it was something simple that had been overlooked or if it was because it was something that was going to be really hard and expensive to fix.  He told me he didn’t want to say just yet.  Then he told me.

I went inside to change the thermostat upstairs to make sure that what he told me was right and I was apparently wearing the same smirk that he had because Amanda asked me what was up, but like him, I didn’t want to say yet.

So yeah, it turns out that at some point we had gotten the two air conditioning units outside mixed up.  I don’t know if we just forgot which was which or if while we were testing which was which the other unit just happened to come on and threw us off or what, but all it took was hitting a small red reset button and we had glorious cold air upstairs again.  I was able to shut the windows, turn off the fans and turn down the downstairs AC (which is connected to a couple of floor vents upstairs).  We have upstairs AC again!

At least we saved some money on our electric bill over the past few months.

Zach Dotsey