Man, what a day at work!  I felt like I was going crazy with all the stuff I had to do.  It was a perfect storm of updated, newsletters, project scopes and starting projects.  At least I’m making money.

Amanda’s birthday present arrived today.

After work I dropped the recycling off at Lowe’s.  (They brought it back- yay!)  I was talking to Amanda and she was about to pass right by there on her way home so I had her stop off in the parking lot to say hi.

Since I’d gone left out of our neighborhood I decided to go down College to Eastwood to go to Wrightsville Beach.  It literally took me about fifteen minutes to make the left turn onto Eastwood/MLK.  Ridiculous.  I’m never going that way at rush hour again.  Sure, I run into some traffic going right and taking Gordon, but I never have to wait through three or four light cycles.

Surfing was alright today.  The waves were really good- they were large and they broke pretty nicely.  The water was… I don’t know, it felt thick.  My board seemed to be under water more than usual while I was sitting on it.  It was kind of crowded out though, and I was by myself, so I didn’t stay out too long.  For one thing, I don’t have as much fun going out by myself, even if the other person I’m out there with is further down the shore.  I don’t mind going out by myself if there aren’t a lot of people because then I have my own space and I guess I don’t feel as self-conscious.  I don’t know.

In case you’re wondering, Michael Mercer was working this evening and Lars was working at his new job today but had to pick up Kaitlyn after work and wouldn’t be able to get out until later, if at all, since his parents are coming to visit tomorrow.

After surfing I went home and Amanda and I watched some TV.  I suppose at some point we’ll have to put in some power-nights in the nursery to get that finished up, but it’s Office night, which is as good an excuse as any to watch TV.

Amanda’s dad, Phil Mercer, and his friend, Danny were at Portsmouth Island and saw a whale off the coast.  A whale.  That’s both crazy and awesome.  They also saw a 150 pound drum too, although it was dead and washed up on shore.  They said it had a chunk missing from it, probably having been bitten by a shark.

Zach Dotsey