Nick and Amy Warkentien took their son, Eli, on his first plane ride today.  Nick’s side of the family hadn’t had a chance to meet him yet so they flew up there to introduce him.  When I talked to Nick last night they were afraid Eli might fuss the whole trip to Michigan.  I haven’t heard one way or another, but I hope their trip went well.

Work kept me busy today.  Seems like I had absolutely everyone who wanted something done in the last hour of work.  I got most of it knocked out, but there was one thing someone wanted done tonight for which I needed them to send me something.  I waited for a while and kept checking the mail, but I never saw it come in.

Amanda and I caught up a bit on Supernatural and watched Lost tonight.  Lost is consistently one of those shows where I curse when it ends because it just leaves you there wanting more.

Michael called earlier and asked if I wanted to shoot some basketball.  I should have said yes, but I was feeling lazy tonight.

Speaking of basketball, I heard from a source who has a source that people I trust as sources trust (that’s not at all convoluted, is it?) that John Wall had made up his mind to play at Kentucky.  But then, Eric Bledsoe, another top-10 ranked point guard, committed to UK and now there’s a rumor that Wall will be visiting Duke tomorrow.  Not that I’ve been following recruiting very long, but this seems like an awful lot of drama.  It’s definitely dragged out the college basketball season for me.

Other than that I’ve been working on getting my desktop up and running properly.  I’m still having trouble getting it to recognize all the hardware installed on it since I reisntalled XP on it, but I think I’m making progress.  If I could just get it to recognize the wireless network adapter I’d be in business.  As it is I have to download things on the laptop then move them to the desktop.  Kind of a pain.

Zach Dotsey