We (well, Amanda’s dad and grandparents) ordered a crib almost six weeks ago.  We hadn’t heard anything about it, but we’d been told if we didn’t get it by six weeks to call about it.  It turns out that nobody had told us when it was ordered that it was on backorder and it wouldn’t get in until, I think Amanda said, June 6 or something like that.  Even after it came in we’d still have to wait several more weeks for shipping.  Amanda found all this out today when she called to check on it.

Well, you could say what everyone else (myself included) said: You’ll be using the cradle for a while anyway.  This is true, but Amanda wants to be done with the nursery before Milly gets here, so to that end she canceled the previous order and, after consulting with me, decided on a new one from Babies R Us.  This new one can be ordered to the store (the closest one being in Jacksonville) so we can save $75 on shipping.

After all that we did our small group study then headed out to small group itself.  After socializing a bit, Mike Nowak mentioned wanting to hit on a particular part of the study that was towards the back, so we decided to start with that.  That part, talking about infidelity and the value (or flaucinaucinihilipilification) of preparing vs. guarding yourself against it, took up the majority of our discussion time tonight, but it was really good.

We, as usual, also got off into other tangents, but the discussion was all pretty good.  That’s been a consistent thing with this group, and it makes me really happy to be a part of it.  Chris and Christy both involved themselves in the conversation too, and you’d have never known they’re so new to the group.  I’m really very happy with how our small group is doing, and so, apparently, is everyone else.

Zach Dotsey