Man, work is going so well right now.  The bad part of it is that there’s something Scott wants me to get set up by next week that will help hopefully ameliorate sales shortly after Milly gets here (which, of course, could be any week now).  But this is turning out to be one of my best months ever.

I usually don’t discuss much in the way of specifics about clients on here, but I helped my baby sister’s husband, Josh Sawyer, get set up online today.  He’s making a go at running his own plumbing company.

After work Amanda and I went to Sam’s Club.  She has a membership through work, but they’ve said they’re not renewing the company memberships again, so we bought a few things that we thought would be good to go ahead and get there.  This was mainly driven by the fact that we ran out of trash bags.  Judging from how many bags we use on average in a week (one), we shouldn’t have to buy another box of trash bags for about three years.  In fact, I think that’s about how long it’s been since the last time we bought a box.

After that we headed on over to our first baby class at Carolina OBGYN.  We got there at 7:00, as did one other couple, which is what we were told to do, but the class didn’t start (and most people didn’t get there until) 7:30.  Not sure how that mixup happened.  There were also supposed to be no more than fourteen couples, but there were twenty.  Now, some of them were only coming to tonight’s because the lady teaching the last class had gone into labor or some such, but even taking that into consideration there were more than there were supposed to be.  We did learn a few things already, namely what to look for you think you’re about to have a baby.  The instructor seemed pretty nice.

We got home about about 9:00, just in time to miss the one hour season recap of Lost.  Amanda went ahead and got ready for bed then we watched the two hour season finale.  Man, that’s a good show.  One season left, and I still have no real idea what’s going on.

Zach Dotsey