It’s been another long week in the hospital. But things are going well. Missy was admitted to Bronson hospital in Kalamazoo Michigan again on Mother’s Day. They had removed about 1 1/2 gallons within the previous 10 days but when she got there the entire right side of her chest cavity had filled again. They decided to go ahead and put a port in on Tuesday. The surgery went well and they removed some of the fluid at the same time. With the port, they will be able to draw blood, give her IVs, do blood transfusions and other things of that nature. They will still have to puncture her skin but they can always insert the needle into the port rather than trying to find a vein. She had another surgery today to put a tube into her left side that comes out the front of her abdomen. With that, she will be able to drain the fluid herself and (hopefully) she won’t have to visit the hospital as often. I talked to her just a little while ago and she said she is very sore but doing well. The doctors were very optimistic that this procedure will be very beneficial for her. I have not heard any talk of her going home yet so I’m not sure how much longer she will be there.

A couple more specific things to pray about are her feet and ankles as they are very swollen. The reason they are so swollen has something to do with protein. Protein is what helps distribute water throughout your body but the small amount of protein she is getting just isn’t enough.

She also has lime’s (sp?) disease. We don’t know how she got it but they suspect that that is causing a lot of her pain too. Her homeopathic doctor says it is very difficult to get rid of but they have to take care of that before they can do anything else with the cancer.

As always, thank you for your constant prayers!