Amanda got home a little earlier than usual today, but not because they were let go early.  She had a baby doctor appointment (a fun one with bacterial swabs!) and would have gotten home earlier, but she had to wait in the examining room half an hour before the doctor was able to get to her.

After work Amanda decided that she wanted to go to Target, Old Navy and Toys R Us.  I didn’t want to go to either, really, but Michael called and said his friend Chris Flowers was in town and asked if we wanted to go to Flaming Amy’s with them.  Well, that I was up for, and since Amanda said if I didn’t go with her tonight she’d get me to go tomorrow, I figured we’d go ahead and hit up her shopping list, especially since we’d be over by Toys R Us for dinner anyway.

We got some stuff at Target, Amanda spent some gift cardage at Old Navy then we returned one bottle warmer and got another at Toys R Us before heading over to Michael’s apartment to meet up with him and Chris since Michael had just gotten off work and wanted to take a shower.  We hung out with Chris for a couple minutes while Michael finished cleaning himself.

We went on to Flaming Amy’s after that.  Well, Amanda and I did.  Michael’s gas light was on so he went and got gas first.  I told him that when his light came on it meant he had about 30 miles, and he lives maybe half a mile from Flaming Amy’s, plus he was going to go by the grocery store afterwards (near where he was getting gas), but he said he just wasn’t comfortable having his gas light on, which I can understand.

We had a nice time eating with them.  Chris is always fun to hang out with.

Zach Dotsey