Amanda and I woke up this morning and pretty much got right to work.  She started painting and I put together our third and final stroller,the beach stroller, complete with iPod hookup.  I later discovered a problem with the iPod hookup though, at least insofar as my iPhone goes.  The plastic around the jack is too thick to go into my phone.  When we were at Target later in the day I looked for an adapter but couldn’t find one.  I might just have to somehow cut back the plastic around the jack.

Anyway, after putting the stroller together we met up with Nick, Amy and Eli Warkentien for lunch at David’s Deli.  I’d never eaten there before but I really like it.  They had this awesome BBQ bacon burger that Amy and I both had.  I got the chips, which came with ranch, on Nick’s recommendation.  Good stuff.  Yeah, it wasn’t the healthiest lunch, but I surfed once we got to the beach, so I’m sure I worked some of it off.

Speaking of going to the beach, that’s what we all did after lunch.  We let Eli continue on as our practice baby by letting Nick push him out with the stroller I’d just assembled.  He said it worked nicely.  Lars went out too, so the two of us went surfing.  Our first time out we were both catching some really good waves, but after we got out and walked back down the beach it had gotten a little rougher and I think Lars might have gotten a little frustrated.  He wasn’t negative, but he didn’t seem to be having as much fun.

I did take the new camera out to test it out.  Lars and I kept trying to stand in the shallows and take video, which, as much as the waves were buffeting us about, didn’t work out the best.  Plus, like I said, Lars wasn’t catching waves as much when we started doing that.  Amanda decided afterwards, since I got some wax on the camera from keeping it in my pocket, that she doesn’t want me taking it out there again, at least until she’s had a chance to wear off all the newness from it.

After that we stopped by Target then continued painting for a bit.  Amanda wanted some mac and cheese for dinner, so I had the outstanding idea of bribing Nick to come over and help in exchange for food.  So Amanda fixed baked beans in addition to the mac and cheese and Nick brought over some hot dogs, which were an excellent addition to the meal.  He stayed a little later than he meant to helping us out, which was appreciated.

Practice baby that he is, Eli got to test out the cradle for us.  Okay, Amanda, her brother and her cousins all slept in that cradle, but it’s been a while since it’s been used, and it certainly hadn’t been used in our house before.  We also got to see how a baby would sleep when there’s loud music upstairs and we’re in the nursery with the door mostly closed.

Zach Dotsey