Today was a day of many, many finales.  The message at Port City Community Church titled Baggage finished today with a communion signifying that we let go of our own baggage, letting go of the things that haunt us from our pasts, in light of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross.

After church we went home and… take a guess.  Yes, we painted the nursery.  We took a break late in the afternoon to eat and ended up watching the final few episodes of Scrubs.  Man, I know I started watching that show a couple seasons late, but I did catch up on all of it and it has a soft spot in my heart, and like some of my favorite episodes, this one got me a little misty.

I think the send off they gave it was just about perfect.  I hear, however, that they decided to go ahead and bring it back.  I think this is a terrible idea.  It finished just how it should have finished, and if you start another season with mainly just Turk and Dr. Cox as the holdovers and focus on the newer doctors, it’s not going to be the same show.  Every episode was titled “My (Something)” and (with rare exception) was told from JD’s perspective.  It’s not Scrubs without Zach Braff.  This should definitely have been the series finale, not the season finale.

After watching Scrubs we had another finale- the finale of painting the nursery!  Yes, we are, at long, long last, finished painting the nursery.  Technically Amanda has a few more words to paint onto some signs and I might need to touch up a tree slightly, but really, it’s done.  Now we’ve got to do some outlining then Karen can come in and finish it up by Sharpie-ing in some details.  It feels good to have that finished.  Now we just need the crib to get here and Amanda can go ahead and have Mills.  (Yes, I’ve been calling her “Mills” lately now and then.)

Amanda went to bed after a little bit and, in order to clean up the DVR a little, I went ahead and watched the Smallville season finale.  Overall this season was alright.  It wasn’t great, but it was decent.  There was one thing that bugged me pretty bad about this finale though.  The whole season has built up to a showdown between Clark and Doomsday.  In the big fight scene, Doomsday is whomping our future Superman when Clark lunges at him and leaps miles away to some geothermal station with the intent of throwing him down this very deep hole then blowing it up to seal him in.  All you see is the landing of the leap then the explosions.  In the final scene Clark says he’s not sure how he survived.  Umm, because you’re invincible maybe?

They also killed Jimmy Olsen, which makes Clark decide that all the stuff he was fighting for, the good in humanity (because Davis, Doomsday’s human form, was who killed Jimmy, proving that Doomsday wasn’t the only bad part of him), is wrong.  So at the end he just turns his back on Chloe and walks out.  Meh.

If that wasn’t enough to call the day Finale Day, I also watched the Reaper finale, which may or may not be back for another season.  It’s one of those shows that I think is really pretty good but I hardly ever hear about.

Then, finally, one final finale.  After Reaper I watched the Parks and Recreation season finale.

Zach Dotsey