I had lunch with my boss and his family today.  Scott and Anne Marie and the kids had come to town yesterday for a little getaway on the beach.  Unfortunately the weather was rainy and kind of cold, so they didn’t get to go out on the beach itself very much.  Scott had told me to bring Amanda if she was home, but she’s working until Milly comes and she works so far from Mayfaire (we met at Atlanta Bread) that she wouldn’t have time during her lunch break to join up with us anyway.

We talked business and kids.  His two girls are so cute, and I can’t believe how fast they’re growing up.  I think when I started working for Scott, Addie, his older one, was about six months old and she’ll be starting kindergarten later this year.  She drew a picture of me on a Magna Doodle and I could tell it was me with the glasses and the hair she put on it.  I remember when Ava was born and now she’s walking and talking and has a personality and everything.

After work Amanda and I decided to start getting ready for going to the hospital.  She packed up some clothes then we jotted down a list of things we want to take that we can’t pack up yet (toiletries and the like), then we jotted down things to pack up after we wash them (such as some baby clothes, receiving blankets, that sort of thing), made a list of people to call and who of them was to call other people (mainly, we’ll call our parents and let them call siblings and grandparents), then we jotted down our birthing plan.

In case you’re wondering, here’s what we’ve come up with for that.  This is the unsorted original list.

  • Be able to walk around as long as possible
  • Room with tub, able to get in and out of tub/shower
  • Don’t want to be attached to monitors
  • Try to go without medication- root her on!
  • Want a yoga ball
  • No episiotomy <—Yeowch!
  • No c-section unless health risk to Amanda or Milly
  • Amanda hold baby immediately (Zach next)
  • Zach cut cord
  • Breastfeeding- no formula- no bottles.  Pacifier okay
  • All vaccinations appropriate for the time okay
  • Ask about what to eat/drink during labor
  • Pictures
  • Zach only person in room
  • Anyone can visit in recovery room
  • Family allowed in delivery room before birth (We don’t mind some friends then- we just don’t want it to be crowded at that point, and we figure most of our friends will show up after the birth anyway.)
  • Zach staying in hospital the whole time

Questions to ask regarding going into labor

  • Phone number to call (before and after hours)
  • When to call
  • When to go

It’s all subject to change, of course.  Well, we may add some stuff anyway, but I doubt we’ll remove anything.

Zach Dotsey