First thing I learned today was that John Wall committed to Kentucky last night/early this morning.  Now, anyone who knows me knows that I root for UK, but not nearly as much as I root for Duke.  I’ve got plenty of reasons why Wall should have committed to Duke, but my opinion doesn’t matter.

Wall’s commitment to the Wildcats means that they now have three more players on scholarship than they have scholarships available, and it’ll be four if Jodie Meeks decides to pull out of the draft.  If that’s the case, then John Calipari, the new coach of the Wildcats, says he expects that the scholarship situation will take care of itself over the summer.  Basically he’s going to pull as many schollies as necessary in order to make room for everyone he’s recruited.  I didn’t like Calipari at Memphis and this doesn’t make me like him any better.

On the positive side, Carolina was four wins away from passing UK in the all-time wins category.  The Heels should be weaker next season and the Cats should power through the SEC pretty handily, so hopefully that gap will grow.

Anyway, I think John Wall would have filled a spot for Duke and taken them from being a really good team next year to being title contenders.  Oh well.

In my own life, today was a good work day.  We received a deposit for a site that I’m pretty excited about, had a meeting with someone who intends to hopefully start sending more work our way and talked to another person, actually a client of ours who is branching out and blossoming in his own right, about some opportunities we have to thank them for sending us a lot of business over the past few months by likewise sending some business to them.

Pretty productive day, all in all.  On top of that, I washed all the baby blankets.

Amanda and I went to small group at the Kays’ as usual on our Tuesday nights.  One of the couples wasn’t able to make it tonight, which is fine.  It’s really nice having five committed couples, because even if one couple doesn’t make it, or even two, there are still plenty of people to have good discussions with.  That might happen next week and/or the week after.  Some of the people will be out of town and one or two couples may have just had a baby.  Of course, one of those babies (Milly) isn’t due for a few more weeks, but it could happen, you know.

I talked to my mom this evening to make sure she’s got Amanda’s cell phone number since (NOTE TO FRIENDS AND FAMILY) I’ll be forwarding my calls to Scott during work hours for at least a few days after Milly arrives.  We got to talking and, I didn’t know this, but I was apparently born nearly a month late.  I wouldn’t trade my birthday for just about anything, being that it’s my dad’s birthday as well, but I had no idea.  I told Amanda this and she said I should have mentioned that before we got married.

Erin and Adam were a little early though and Andra was pretty much right on time, so genetically, I’m only passing on a quarter chance of extreme lateness.

Zach Dotsey