Amanda had a baby doctor appointment today.  It was just a standard weekly checkup, but since we were going over the birthing plan, which did end up changing some from Monday.

Our fancied-up birthing plan

We met with Dr. Vogel, who said he didn’t see any issues with any of the items on our list, though he said some doctors like to keep the expectant mommas on IV.

That meeting was in the latter part of the afternoon, which is nice because Amanda just went on home after it, but it also sucked because we had birthing class tonight, so we got to go home for a couple hours when came right on back.  One pleasant surprise in the lamaze class tonight was that we walked in and sat down without realizing that we were sitting behind James and Christie Little, the pregnant couple I’d met in Costa Rica.  They turned around and noticed me first.  It was really cool having bumped into them like that.  They had skipped out on last week’s class because of the Lost finale.

In class we got to watch a video tape (VHS- wow!) featuring a couple from 1980 giving birth.  What I learned from that is that I think it’s going to be a pretty boring process that I’m not looking forward to.  I mean, everyone knows about the birth and all, but it’s mostly a bunch of sitting around while Amanda is aching and paining until the baby finally comes.

We were also shown a number of tools used in delivery.  I wanted to play with the vacuum, but it never got around as far as we were.

Oh, on Sunday I talked about Finale Day.  Turns out I was wrong, as the CW shows (Reaper and Smallville) weren’t finales.  Still, it made for a thematically nice day.

Zach Dotsey